Maestro Botvinov and his

(ru) Alexey Botvinov is an internationally acclaimed pianist and one of the best performers of Rachmaninoff on the planet.
He is Ukrainian but, unfortunately for us, most of his concerts take place abroad. Weary of waiting, on the 30 September 2012 Odessa audience will finally be able to see Botvinov’s play "The Light and the Dark. Elegy"...
Rachmaninoff and Aleksander Scriabin – followed by its Swiss premiere in December 2012 in Zurich. Odessa Ukrainian Music and Drama Theatre with Olga Petrovskaya and Eugeniy Yukhnovets in the leading roles. Alexey Botvinov shared his impressions on working in Switzerland on his website.

When I decided to try and stage a German version of the play, it was one of the biggest challenges of my career. One thing is music – it is pure Esperanto; in this sphere the success of our artists both in Europe and around the world is expected in some way. Theatre, however, is a totally different thing. It’s rare that Ukrainian or Russian directors are allowed to stage anything in Europe, especially in Germany. Certainly, there are exceptions (Serebrennikov, Zholdak, Chernyakov in opera), however, they remain merely exceptions. And the issue is not just in the private nature of the German directorial crowd but primarily in a different artistic style — Deutsche Regie-Theater (German director’s theatre). Mainstream over there differs drastically from the adopted here Stanislavski’s system. German theatre (in addition to Swiss, Austrian, Dutch and Scandinavian theatres) continues Brecht’s tradition of distance and socio-political poignancy. Avant-garde and modernism advanced in exploring the extremes of ‘the acceptable’ on stage so far as to create not just an artistic difference but an abyss between ‘an average’ play in Moscow and, say, in Berlin. By the way, both Zholdak and Chernyakov only work in the modern German style. I should add that I’m not rejecting this style at all, for me both styles of the modern theatre are equally interesting. I’m just talking about the level of talent and originality within each specific play."